Abras - 85 restoration (upcoming feral) druid

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Abras - 85 restoration (upcoming feral) druid

Post  Abras on Sun May 29, 2011 6:49 pm


First of all, I will say that I've chosen to put aside your template, because I felt it was rather unpersonal; (im/un?) Nonetheless, I shall be answering the questions at hand in your template. Second warning; this might become a long, boring read, but that's how I am!

My name is Abras, and I am a level 85 restoration druid. I have plans of gearing for feral dps now, and use those two in the future. I haven't tried feral tanking before, but that sounds more likely to happen as a third spec than balance.

My background in realms... That's a large piece of paper to cover. My first toons started on Argent Dawn 4 months after release, and they were a mage and a druid (this one). I played for a while, and did enjoy RPing, but friends of mine had started on other servers, and were working to convince me to join them. A year or so after appearing in several guilds here (raided Molten Core, and struggled on Razorgore), I left for several other servers, PvP ones. The reason I never remained on a such server for long, as that it didn't take long time before I developed a sense of... err... As misanthropy is a disgust for humandkind, apply that word to gamers on PvP servers instead, and you have my case. After years on the move, trying out Stormscale, Sunstrider and The Maelstrom (If ever it comes to transferring, go Sunstrider.. best place of the three.), I figured nothing was as good as Argent Dawn was.

I have several reasons for leaving the guilds that I left on these previous servers. The guild on Stormscale lost active members, and simply just fall apart after a while. As that guild was all that kept me on that server, I simply moved after most members had left. C88s I was kicked out of, because I had to focus on my exam, rather than meet up for every raid. Maelstrom I was a lone wolf on most of the time, joining a few guilds, but leaving fast because I did not like the athmosphere of the guild.

In my time spent travelling, I did get to try a lot of things. I joined The Crazy Eightyeights on Sunstrider alliance, and played with them for a few months. In their time of glory in the WotLK-era, they were the top 3 realm raiding guild I think. Before that, I had been part of a casual guild that strived to achieve 11/12 in 10 man. So in short time, I got to experience the 1 optional raid / week schedule vs the "mandatory-3-times/week-with-attendancy-spreadsheets-to-cover-any-flaws-in-your-attendance"-type of raiding. I've experienced wiping on the same boss for 3 hours from three types of different perspective. As a raid leader in a casual guild raiding for the heck of it, as a member of the same raid, and as a member of a 25 man guild raiding to be among the best. This experience was before cata, so my hardcore raiding period is not of an updated nature. My current experience in cataclysmic raiding is 6/12. I've done 4/6+2/4+0/2.

I am not applying to this guild to become a part of your progression team. My interest in this guild is the social part, it sounded very appealing, both from reading your guild rules, and getting to talk to "Sigridir". However, if need be, I won't hesitate in covering a backup spot. I know most tactics, and these I don't know by trying, I know in theory. I use the required raiding addons, and know to not stand in the fire. But as stated, that is not what I wish to be the main focus of this application. I appreciate the values of comradery, honor (as in protecting the guild / members), fun, accept and casualness(awesomeness?). I have played with people of age ranging from 7-65, any gender and sexuality, and I respect everything as long as it is not inappropriate.

I see myself able to raid mostly in weekdays, as I will either be at my girlfriends place in the weekends, or outside slamming the ground, face-first. Since my girlfriend lives far away, if she does come visit in weekdays and not weekends, my schedule will shift. I will then be able to raid in weekends, and not weekdays.

I come from Norway, I am 20 years and I study music because I love it and want to live off it. I write a lot of music myself, and I am currently finished with my debut album (haven't released it though, so can luckily not be blamed for shameless selfpromoting! PFEW!). I will move in August to start my studies if the University accepts my application, and if I does, my online time will be severely limited. Until then, I see my self online several hours daily.

Now, your template holds a thing that's called "tell us a bit about yourself". I believe there is a lot to read about me here, both in the lines and between them. Still, here comes a few facts I will write down. These facts are random, and out of context just for the fun of it.
- I love pasta.
- I play the guitar.
- I absolutely dig N64; any Zelda conversation is likely to get interrupted by me.
- I think VERY much. I don't see my self as earning anything from it though, I don't see myself smarter than the fellow man.
- I am 1 meter and 75 centimeters high and I've heard I punch lightning-fast. Now you're warned, should you come and steal ice cream from me.
- I always annoy people around me, because I leave plectrums -everywhere-. (Thing you use to pick the strings on the guitar.)
- I love watching TV-series, but I hate watching TV. Anything on TV, I watch on my computer. Often in a haul. I did not watch two seasons of Supernatural in 3 days... Nuh-uh. confused cheers
- I speak my mind. Should you say something that I disagree with, I will say it. Should you be disrespectful, I will respectfully say it. Should you be an absolute dick, I will ridicule you until you realise you've been an absolute dick. Should any of these be against any existing guild policy (EHE) I will slam my head to the wall and continue respectfully reminding you that you are an absolute dick.
- I should stop writing this application, I feel I've passed the point where my chances of success are actually starting to diminish.



I did speak to Sigridir. She might not be an officer though.. So that point I might scratch out.

Thanks for reading, and take care!
- Abras


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Re: Abras - 85 restoration (upcoming feral) druid

Post  Xirik on Sun May 29, 2011 6:59 pm

2 points that make your presence in our guild demanding
1) you eat ice cream
2) you hate TV

welcome on board mate
have fun

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