Erganor - Retribution Paladin

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Erganor - Retribution Paladin

Post  Guest on Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:33 pm

Character Name: Erganor

Level: 85

Spec: Retribution (Holy OS)

Experience in Raids:
@60: All of them, NAXX only 4 horsemen quarter
@70: All
@80: All
@85: All except Firelands, was not playing at that time.

Raiding days and times:All days except friday.

Age: 22

Nationality: Dutch

Reasons you left your guild: Too long ago, don't remember. Highest probability are time constraint due to work or simply because there was no one showing up.

Officer you spoke with (in case you did): None

Tell us a few things about yourself:
Study: Computer Science
Hobbies: Reading, gaming, movies, enjoying a cold drink(almost grow sad knowing how few times I manage to do this Sad )
About me specifically: I'm great at making conversations go silent, call it my specialty Twisted Evil


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Re: Erganor - Retribution Paladin

Post  Xirik on Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:22 pm

welcome on board mate

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