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Ayrže mayweather

Post  Guest on Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:28 pm

Characters Name:

Ayrie Mayweather.




Currently combat swords but planning on going combat Close Quarters combat once a better weapon becomes available.

Experience in Raids:

My Raid experience is varied really. I'll say straight up I have never applied to a raid guild as a Rogue before and I am still learning but I understand the basics and I understand not to stand in the fire.

I have raided and got Yogg Saron 25 under my belt with my Prot Paladin back on Moonglade with the guild Winter Night. Feel free to check her achievements to verify this:


In the past I have raided from Molten Core and Zul Gurub and up to Teron Gorefiend in Black Temple. I led my own PvE guild on Moonglade called Mirai over a year and a half ago and managed to get the guild to clear Tier 4 content before the health nerfs came along.
If you wish to know anything else about my experience, please do ask.

Raiding days and times:

Being unemployed and living alone I can raid whenever I am needed.
Unless I have a medical issue or social occasion I'll be there.


22, 23 next January.


Passport says I'm British.

Reasons you left your guild:

I just transferred to Argent Dawn, I've been unguilded for the two days I've been here.

Officer you spoke with:


Tell us a few things about yourself:

Hmm, what to say.
My interest in WoW revolves around PvE and Roleplaying and I take both hand in hand. I raid to have fun in a raid so I don't particularly find Hard modes all that appealing but I don't mind wiping on progress fights either.

I guess what I am looking for with Moonlight is a good balance of PvE, good people and good times.

As I said I'm 22, British and if your in Derby UK at any point, lemme know. There is a drink with your name on it!


Ayrže Mayweather.

P.S yes I am a guy behind the character.


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Re: Ayrže mayweather

Post  Xirik on Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:44 pm

welcome aboard mate
i hope you find a place to call home

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