Silvia - Priest.

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Silvia - Priest.

Post  Silvia on Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:58 pm

Characters Name: Silvia
Class: Priest
Level: 80 Spec: Whatever you guys want. Prefer holy or shadow
Experience in Raids: Everything in the game save; Sunwell, ICC, The two last bosses in Ulduar and Anub in ToTC.
Raiding days and times: A bit messy. Cant say for sure have to plan it.
Age: 29
Nationality: Danish
Occupation: Master Student
Reasons you left your guild: Hehe we are a small guild of few friends whom most have stopped playing. Bravestar/anghel asked if we wanted to come join you guys and we said sure^^
Officer you spoke with (in case you did): Proberly not an officer, to be honest dont really know. We talked with bravestar/anghel
Tell us a few things about yourself:

Now for the actual part of the application.

We are a couple of friends, Arven, Murrey and I who wish to join. We talked with Bravestar/anghel and your guild sounds like a friendly and relaxed guild which sounds perfect for us.

I have raided on Silvia since vanilla where Lord kazak and Azurgoth was the new black but cut back on raiding doing late tBC due to higher pressure from my studies at the university. I completely stepped back from hardcore raiding in WotLK and only really done 10 man raiding with some RL friends. It should also be noted that with WotLK we needed a tank for our small friend-guild so I changed to Karnor who have been my main in WotLK.

As a person, well Im a physics student completing my master thesis in physics and chemistry. This means that my time is mostly my own but also that I have quite a bit of work, for which I have to keep myself in check to do. I dont have time for fixed scheduel week with raids 3 times a week. Id love to join, do some heroics and hopefully a raid or two doing the week / weekends however things might fit together.
In regard to character choises and spec. Im a bit of a geek when It comes to my toons. My prefered specs are the Holy priest, Shadow priest and Protection warrior.

Additional notes:
As mentioned Karnor a protection warrior have been my main since the start of WotLK. If you do need a tank I can also join with him. But Im not very experianced to skilled in melee dps. Ive never really found interrest in it. Lastly I have a protection paladin but that is an alt in most sense both gearwise and experiance.


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Re: Silvia - Priest.

Post  Xirik on Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:29 pm

nice application whisper me or tenia on line please

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